Amsterdam Sex Workers Struggle to Survive Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

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Amsterdam escorts struggle to survive amid coronavirus restrictions

A Living hell’: Amsterdam Sex Workers Struggle to Survive Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is incredibly difficult for many professional sectors. In addition to the hospitality industry and many others, sex workers included. Physical contact is simply not possible due to the pandemic. We can’t shake hands and we can’t hug each other. Then of course having sex is certainly not a viable card.
March 2020, we started the initial lockdown in the Netherlands. And everything went up and down after that. The pandemic eventually caused just about everything to lock up. And that is also an incredibly big problem for sex workers. There is no income. That is quite a lot when you consider that there are an estimated 10,000 to 30,000 sex workers working in the Netherlands. It’s slowly built up, the lockdown. For contact professions, things eventually broke down as well. Although most sex workers are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and have paid tax for years, they could not rely on financial support from the government and savings are often not present. And in most cases, despite paying tax, sex workers are being refused financial help. This has given then no choice, but to either continue illegal on the black market, or to quickly move to other areas of work…

Amsterdam Sex Workers Move to Online

Fortunately, there is still some opportunity for the ladies to continue their work online. Of course, it’s not the same. Not for them and not for the mostly regular customers. But this too is not for everyone in this sector. Think of erotic masseuses, to give an example. That kind of action simply cannot be imitated online. Their services are much more extensive than people often think. In addition to sex, the ladies offer an incredibly varied packer of services. This can include massages, but also role-playing games. Dinner dates, VIP tours through Amsterdam, for example, and VIP guidance to the most exclusive parties and clubs. All of that falls away in one fell swoop, and that’s a big bloodletting.

Hotel Escort Provide Temporary Work For It’s Own Workers

As an established and fully licenced escort agency with over 25 years’ experience, we have been lucky to receive a little help from the government, but it has been limited. It had taken us a few weeks to put a plan together. Obviously, some of the girls that work for us have been with us for a few years. They’re loyal employees. For a temporary period of time, we’ve helped our girl’s setup webcam channels. Some girls work in the comfort of our Amsterdam office, others prefer to do it in the comfort of their own home. Other temporary jobs we have created include content writing for the website, photography work, and general admin. We have also had lots of time to spice up our office. And despite them been strictly for employees only, it’s always nice to have a nice relaxing place to rest.

Forced to do Other Work

The sex workers, both men and women, just want to be able to practice their profession. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow that. Because everything is closed and there are a lot of self-employed people, they have to do something else. And so cleaning work or other work is accepted. Others are retrained and, for example, go to work in healthcare as quickly as possible. But that’s not all escorts and so there’s a big problem. They must be able to return to work as soon as possible. Some even continue their work. Then it’s secretly making arrangements somewhere. That is not how they want it, but in many cases they simply do not have a choice.

Plans to Open Soon

Of course, it’s just impossible to have sex at a foot and a half. Nevertheless, there are possibilities to do it less unsafely. For example, it is suggested to have the searched away from each other or with your back to the customer. For example, Red Light United, the advocacy group for escorts on the Red Light District, has put on paper a plan to convince the government that the profession of sex worker can be carried out in a safe and responsible manner.
For example, there is a protocol that the sex worker will have to adhere to. Of course, there are the standard RIVM measures, but also measuring the temperature at the door. And the customers and escorts will wear latex gloves and also face masks during the visit. Kissing and oral sex is simply prohibited according to protocol.

Escort Hygienic and Licensing

It is the case today that sex workers must have a permit. They must also be at least 21 years old. And the escort agencies today ensure that the ladies also comply with this. The agencies themselves are also certified and adhere to certain guidelines. Of course, there will be differences here and there. But there are things, besides a permit, that have a lot of attention paid to worodt.
For example, hygiene. This is exceptionally important in the contact profession. The same goes for sex workers. It’s not just the customers who have to stick to this, the ladies themselves. And they do that exceptionally well. No exceptions are therefore made. This was always very important but now during COVID-19 already especially. This also makes people who work as sex workers extremely responsible people who have a heart for their profession.

Practicing Safe Sex Positions

In addition, only certain sex positions are possible. So one has to look away from each other. Doggystyle will simply have to be able to do this, but the standard missionary position will not. escorts are not only incredibly experienced but also very creative. They will always find a solution for the positions. This plan alone, which was suggested at the beginning of the lockdown, shows that this industry wants to do everything it can to keep working. Individual escorts, but also large companies, are working hard on all kinds of solutions. Hairdressers are allowed to open, physiotherapists and many more contact professions are simply performed again. And of course, the measures are also looked at carefully there. But that is also done by the people in the sex industry.

Escorts are Professionals and Think About Safety

They are all professionals and they think about safety. Of course to their own but of course also to those of their customers. And there’s as much as possible. For example, we could already think of a number of things on the spot.
For example, look at a VIP escort package. The customer can be picked up with a limousine. Splash screens can be fitted in it and there is often more than enough space. Then you can go to work with gloves and face masks. The doors and seats can all be cleaned after each customer.
Erotic masseuses can also practice a lot of their profession. Face masks and gloves can also be worn there. For example, certain locations can be designated where one can meet. Maybe that is not always the most ideal, but this way the work can continue and one can still enjoy it as a customer.

Safe Sex Work through Testing and Vaccination

We’re on our way to a test society. That means we can go anywhere once we’ve had our tests tested. Then one can show proof and you can go in. This is a step that can also be taken very well with escorts, for example. It is logical that agreements should then be made on time and also be able to be cancelled. That’s something that requires planning, but the industry can prepare for that. There are prc tests and fast testing and many more types of tests are coming. Everything is in development. More and more is becoming known about Corona and the tests are getting better and can be carried out faster. This can also speed up the results of the test.
In addition, there are also the Corona vaccines. This allows us all to protect ourselves against COVID-19. The more people are vaccinated, the more is possible. This way we can go back to our normal life step by step. When you have, for example, a vaccination certificate or vaccination passport, you get much more opportunities to do things. This is how one protects oneself and the people around him. For escorts and many other professions, this is of course a very nice outcome. Of course, everyone is waiting to get things back to normal.

Safer Sex in Sex Clubs during Dutch Lockdown

Having sex during corona is difficult if you don’t have a permanent partner. That’s why it’s such an incredibly bitter pill to swallow that sex work just can’t be done. It would best still take place in a fixed location. There one can move more or less freely and it is possible to keep everything clean according to the RIVM measures. This way everything can be well supervised and it is possible to make it all run smoothly. The number of visitors can be controlled by doing it by appointment. And of course it’s not ideal. However, it is a solution.
Wouldn’t it be good to do some kind of test here, like the field lab events? Of course, everyone can remain completely anonymous but it would be nice if this was looked at. Good ventilation, all completely hygienic. These are measures that are already being taken in the industry, long before COVID-19 was discussed. There are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to escorts. So much has changed in this world. Everything is much better arranged than in the past. The industry is therefore working very hard to do all this as well as possible. Even when it comes to working safely during the Dutch lockdown, that is for sure.

Hygiene measures even stricter at the time of COVID-19

The hygiene measures have become much stricter at the time of COVID-19. The protocol set up by the sex work industry is incredibly well thought out. It is therefore such a great pity that this industry in particular has to be so in the dark in this case. It seems like nothing is being done about it right now. But fortunately, the industry itself doesn’t sit still and keep fighting. And the good news in all this is that little by little more becomes possible .

Better Escort Services to Return After Lockdown

If more vaccinations are put in place and much more work is done on the tests, the possibilities for resuming work will increase. That the escorts can resume their work, we are convinced. At least they’ll make sure everything’s ready. Then all the doors will open again. Then everyone can enjoy an erotic massage again. Then the escorts can do their job again. Because the catering industry will also be open again. Then beautiful VIP escort packages will be booked again. Can appointments be made again in hotels in Amsterdam or around Schiphol.
In the meantime, of course, there are still all the online possibilities for escorts. As a customer, we would like to give you the opportunity to make use of this for the time being. Of course, it’s all different than you’re used to. But if we all stick to the measures very carefully now, then there will be so much more possible in the future. We all need to get COVID-19 under control. Both the customers and the escorts. In the end, all the virus may not be gone, but we have found ways to live with it normally again. And that’s when it’s coming.
In not too long time it will be the case that you can book your favorite escort girl again. Just at home or somewhere in a nice hotel room in Amsterdam. Then the dinner dates, girlfriens experiences and much more can all take place again. Those are good times to look forward to. We all have to persevere and that’s it.

Hotel Escort Will Soon Welcome You

The escorts are ready. In a while, the doors will open again and they welcome you. Everything will be well arranged and completely hygienic, even better than you were already used to. We hope that we will soon be able to welcome you with open arms. Our facilities and all our employees are enthusiastically ready for you again. In the meantime, check out all the possibilities on the many websites and keep a close eye on the press conferences. As soon as you can do it all again, you can make use of all the fantastic escort services and more that are waiting for you. On behalf of all escorts during COVID-19 and the Dutch lockdown: we will see you again soon!

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