Hotel Escort Terms and Conditions

The website and the outcall agency with the same name, that provides escort services in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands, informs you that the use of both our website and our services is subject to Terms and Conditions. Which cover the rights and obligations of both our agency and the clients.  Please read the contents of our Terms and Conditions below, before continuing to book an escort service with us.

The moment you contact us in any way (by phone call, WhatsApp, email, or any other form offered on this site), means that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions described below.

Hotel Escort provides escort services for men, women, and couples. You must be at least 18 years old to take advantage of our services. The content within our website and the agency’s services are not intended for minors! Hotel Escort is not responsible for any issues related to underage users trying to view the site.

Hotel Escort Registration and License
Hotel Escort is a fully legal, licensed and registered escort service. With license number 09.81071.
All escorts provided by Hotel Escort are legal and officially working ladies. All ladies are aged 21 or over.

Opening hours: You can contact Hotel Escort 24/7
Phone number: +31 6 5727 2323

Terms and Conditions of confidential data protection

Protecting the personal data that users provide through our site is PRIMARY to Hotel Escort. The anonymity of each of our clients is GUARANTEED by Dutch law and by our agency. We have a great reputation in protecting the privacy of our customers, and we want to keep it that way!

The personal data that our site requires is kept to a minimum. This info is only necessary to perform the service you have selected. As well as to guarantee the safety of our escorts.

If you decide that the data you share no longer needs to be stored by us, please contact us and we will delete it immediately. For any questions concerning your privacy and storage of personal data by our agency, please contact us. We would love to answer all your questions on the phone +31 6 5727 2323

Hotel Escort booking Terms and Conditions

You can make a booking for our high-class escorts via phone call. Reservations can be made at any time, even in the morning, if the lady of your choice is available then. The escorts dispose freely of their time. We can therefore request your appointment after consultation with the escorts confirm. Upon your inquiry, we will contact you immediately with the escorts in and inform you as soon as possible on the confirmation of booking.

To book our escorts at short notice, please call us for a last minute reservation to +31 6 5727 2323.

If you like to make a booking in advance to secure your chosen lady, please call us asap and we will reserve her for you.

Bookings can be made only in hygienic homes, or at a hotel. Reservations are never possible in unhygienic places, dangerous areas, or inside cars, vans or any other vehicles.  During a Booking, unless agreed prior the meeting, no other people can be present.

For the security of our Escorts, we require:

– Your first and last name
– Your phone number including country code (So that we can confirm your meeting)
– Exact address of the meeting point

If the customer fails to comply with any requirement, he or she is offered a one-time opportunity to ensure that the requirements are met within a reasonable time. The time spent is at the expense of the Client. If the Client does not wish or is unable to fulfill the requirement, the Reservation will be terminated immediately without a refund.

Services Terms and Conditions

Hotel Escort provides an adult escort service. The services provided by an escort for you are based on the personal judgment of the lady. The information in the services section of the escort profile page is based on the data provided by the escort itself. However, this is just a guide, not a menu. Any special requirements must be included within the initial booking.

Rates Terms and Conditions

Travel expenses up to 40 km are included in the rate unless otherwise agreed. Further than 40 km of travel is usually not included. It is negotiable with the agency.

  • Reduced prices for bookings longer than 3 hours are offered. These reduced rates apply only when the length of the reservation is agreed upon before or within the first hour of the reservation.
  • The areas where the escort is available for a minimum reservation of 1 hour are up to 40 km in the Amsterdam area. All other areas require a higher minimum number of hours.
  • If the Client wishes to cancel the reservation, the reservation must be cancelled in advance, before the girl arrives, otherwise, there is no refund.
  • If the Client wishes to extend the reservation, the standard rate is always applied. An exception to this is when an extension of 3 hours or more at a time is agreed upon. In this case, the extension is regarded as a new reservation subject to reduced prices.

Escort service including travel expenses

The rates on our website are all-inclusive. You do not need worry about any surprise extras. Travel expenses up to 40 km are also included. In general, the minimum booking is at least equal or higher than the travel time. Meaning, the escort will spend at least as much time with you as needed to travel to and from you.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Customer payments for services provided by Hotel Escort are made in cash within the first 10 minutes of meeting (no matter where this meeting is). Any other development will be considered an insult to our escort, which can immediately terminate the order.
Discretion for all our clients is paramount. We bill you very discreetly, so rest assured you can feel confident and comfortable using this method of payment.

Refunds Terms and Conditions

In general, Hotel Escort does not refund. BUT we will always make an exception for a client who was affected in some way by us (for our pride, we have not had a similar case so far). For conducting the investigation, the user must provide all necessary information to clarify the case.

Please note that when you make a booking for a service, you “state” your agreement to our terms and conditions.

Cancellation of the escort service by the Client
Each customer can cancel or change the reservation for our services, but this should happen as soon as possible by informing Hotel Escort by phone asap. The cancellation call must be at least 3 hours before the meeting.

 T&C for intellectual properties of the site content
All content of our website, including images, logos designs, articles, written content. graphics, html codes is all sole properties and copyrighted by the

The use of the intellectual property referred to above be not permitted without the explicit consent of the owner or our agency.

For conditions relating to out-visits to client`s hotel or home by our escorts, as well as more accurate booking info, please visit the Escort Services Page or the page related to the Services you desired.

Warning: Hotel Escort Terms and Conditions are subject to change. These changes could happen at any time if required by relevant changes to any Dutch legislation or other circumstances related to the correct provision of our escort services. If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions statement, please contact us.

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