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In the southern part of the province of Noord-Holland, a stone’s throw from the beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort, lies the beautiful Dutch city of Haarlem. Haarlem originated somewhere halfway through the Middle Ages and received city rights in 1245. After this followed the great flowering period in which the Haarlem’s economy mainly focused on building ships, brewing beer and producing bed sheet.

Haarlem has a turbulent history, including the siege by the Spaniards in 1573 and the bloody revolt of the Protestants against the Catholic Church.
However, the city mainly has many successes. From the end of the sixteenth century, the city was able to develop at breakneck speed. Migrations to Amsterdam and Leiden further fueled the economy.
Later came the first railway line of the Netherlands that also connected Haarlem with Amsterdam.

The relationship with Amsterdam still has a lot of influence on Haarlem. Although Haarlem is a medium-sized city with roughly 160,000 inhabitants and can operate independently, Haarlem has increasingly become a commuter city for people living in Amsterdam.

Amsterdammers are moving to Haarlem where house prices are not as extremely high as in the capital of the Netherlands. They also like to opt for the pleasant atmosphere that prevails in Haarlem.
The city is nicknamed “Klein-Amsterdam” which is primarily a reference to the appearance of the city: quite a lot of water and a large number of typical Dutch buildings from earlier times.

Haarlem survived the Second World War well, so many historic buildings were spared during the war. Haarlem has many hotels and several cozy restaurants where you can take your dinner date.

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