Unique Dining Experiences in Amsterdam

Unique Dining Experiences in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of unique and vibrant dining experiences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Dutch meal, international cuisine, or a truly unusual dining experience, Amsterdam has it all. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most unique dining experiences in Amsterdam.

Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in the Dark is an experience that challenges diners to use their senses of taste, touch, smell, and hearing to identify the flavors and textures of the food. The experience is unique, as diners are served in complete darkness and have no visual reference for the food they are eating. This concept originated in Switzerland in 1999 and has since spread around the world.

Ctaste, located in Amsterdam, is a restaurant that offers this unique experience. The restaurant has a visually impaired staff, who serve the surprise four-course menu to the diners. The menu changes every few months and features a variety of international cuisine. Guests are also encouraged to guess the ingredients in each dish.


Supperclub is a dining experience that combines food, art, and music in a unique and immersive atmosphere. The concept originated in Amsterdam in 1997 and has since expanded to other cities around the world.

The Supperclub in Amsterdam is located in a former church and features an all-white decor. Guests recline on white beds and are served a six-course menu by the waitstaff, who are dressed in white. Throughout the evening, performers and artists entertain the guests, creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Escort Dinner Experience

The escort dinner experience with gives you the ultimate dinner date experience with one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful ladies. From a romantic candle lit dinner date at one of Amsterdam’s fine dining restaurants, to a canal cruise dinner for two, or just a simple snack at one of Amsterdam’s rooftop bars, you can select the location of your choice. And of course, you get a guaranteed fun and intimate happy ending back at your hotel room (if desired)

The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show is a restaurant in Amsterdam that has made the humble avocado the star of its menu. The restaurant’s founders wanted to create a fun and creative menu that showcased the versatility of this popular fruit.

The Avocado Show’s menu features a variety of dishes that use avocado in creative and innovative ways. Some of the most popular dishes include avocado burgers, avocado toast, avocado pancakes, and avocado smoothie bowls. The restaurant’s playful decor, featuring an avocado-themed mural and neon signs, makes for a fun and Instagram-worthy dining experience.

De Kas

De Kas is a restaurant in Amsterdam that takes the concept of farm-to-table to the next level. The restaurant is located in a former greenhouse in Frankendael Park and grows its own herbs, vegetables, and fruits on-site.

De Kas’s menu changes with the seasons and features dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s chefs work closely with the greenhouse team to create innovative and flavorful dishes that showcase the natural flavors of the produce. The restaurant’s stunning greenhouse setting and elegant decor make for a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Proeflokaal A. van Wees

Proeflokaal A. van Wees is a distillery in Amsterdam that has been producing traditional Dutch liqueurs since 1782. The distillery is located in a historic building in the city center and features a charming tasting room where visitors can sample the liqueurs.

The tasting room’s decor is traditional and cozy, with dark wood paneling and vintage furnishings. Visitors can sample a variety of liqueurs, including jenever (a traditional Dutch gin) and advocaat (a creamy liqueur made from eggs and sugar). The distillery also serves traditional Dutch bar snacks, such as bitterballen (deep-fried meatballs) and ossenworst (a type of beef sausage).

Dinner on a Boat

Dining on a boat is a romantic and unique way to experience Amsterdam’s canals. Many companies offer dinner cruises that feature a delicious meal, drinks, and stunning views of the city’s landmarks.

The dinner cruises range in size and style, from intimate private dinners to large-group experiences. Some boats even feature live music or other entertainment. The canals of Amsterdam offer a picturesque backdrop for a romantic dinner or a fun night out with friends.

Café de Ceuvel

Café de Ceuvel is a sustainable restaurant located in a former shipyard in Amsterdam Noord. The restaurant’s innovative design and commitment to sustainability make it a unique and socially responsible dining experience.

Café de Ceuvel’s menu is focused on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, with a range of vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant also has an on-site garden where they grow herbs and vegetables for use in their dishes. The restaurant’s interior is made from recycled materials, and it’s powered by renewable energy, including solar panels and a wind turbine.

The restaurant’s location in a former shipyard also adds to its unique atmosphere. The space has been transformed into a vibrant and eco-friendly community, with other sustainable businesses and initiatives operating on the site. Guests can enjoy their meal in the restaurant’s charming garden or on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the water.

Amsterdam offers a variety of unique dining experiences, from dining in complete darkness to enjoying an avocado-themed meal. These unique experiences not only provide a delicious meal but also offer a memorable and immersive atmosphere that makes dining in Amsterdam an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner on a boat or a sustainable meal in a former shipyard, Amsterdam has something to offer for every taste and occasion.

In addition to the unique dining experiences mentioned above, Amsterdam also offers a range of other culinary adventures that are worth exploring. Here are some more unique dining experiences to try in Amsterdam:

Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake Boat)

The Pannenkoekenboot is a unique dining experience that takes place on a boat cruising along Amsterdam’s canals. As the name suggests, the menu features a variety of pancakes, both sweet and savory, with unlimited toppings. Guests can enjoy their meal while taking in the stunning views of the city from the water.


Foodhallen is a trendy food hall located in a former tram depot in Amsterdam West. The hall features a range of international street food vendors, from Vietnamese banh mi to Dutch bitterballen. Guests can choose from a variety of vendors and then enjoy their meal at communal tables in the bustling atmosphere of the hall.

Food Tour

Taking a food tour is a great way to explore Amsterdam’s culinary scene and learn about the city’s history and culture. There are several companies that offer food tours in Amsterdam, with options ranging from walking tours to bike tours. Guests can sample a range of Dutch and international cuisine, while also learning about the city’s food traditions and trends.

Raw Herring

Raw herring is a traditional Dutch delicacy that is typically eaten during the summer months. The fish is served raw, with onions and pickles, and is eaten by holding the fish by its tail and dipping it into the mouth. Raw herring can be found at several street food vendors and markets throughout the city, and it’s a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Cannabis Cuisine

Cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, and there are several restaurants in Amsterdam that offer cannabis-infused dishes on their menus. The dishes range from desserts to savory dishes, and the cannabis is typically used in the form of oil or butter. While cannabis cuisine is not for everyone, it’s a unique and adventurous culinary experience for those who are interested.

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